Petrobash Multi-Activities Company (Fuchs Lubricant Sudan) is Quality Management System Certified (ISO 9001:2008) by Lloyd"s Register (LRQA)

Approval Certificate number: MEA6017267 Issued by Lloyd"s Register EMEA - Jordan for and on behalf of Lloyd"s Register Quality Assurance Limited on behalf of UKAS

Quality Policy:

The activities of Fuchs Plant of Petrobash Multi-Activities Company Limited consist of :

blending and filling of lubricating oils, manufacturing and filling of greases, providing the

relevant raw materials, and manufacturing of plastic containers and steel drums.

Petrobash Multi-Activities Company Limited (Fuchs Plant) is committed to :

·         Provide high quality products and services to meet customer expectations.

·         Continually improve quality performances.

·         Maximize customer satisfaction towards products and service.

·         Minimize customer complaints.

·         Comply with all relevant and applicable regulations and other requirements

·         related to the product.

·         Improve processes in order to maximize the efficient use of materials, natural

·         resources and energy .

·         Provide the necessary resources for effective implementation of the Quality

·         Management System.

·         Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

·         Regularly review Quality Policy for continuing suitability.

·         Generate, review and achieve Quality Objectives from this Quality Policy.

In order to achieve our objectives we have decided to implement best quality practices

based on International Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2008.

Dr. Omer M. Kheir

General Manager

Petro bash Multi-Activities Company Ltd.