Turbine Oils 
RENOLIN ETERNA Oils of the latest generation for the lubrication of gas, steam and turbo compressors (also with gearboxes, FZG> 10). Based on high-quality hydrocracked base oils. RENOLIN ETERNA 32, 46 and 68 are turbine oils according to DIN 51 515 part 1 and 2DIN 51 515-1 (TD) with and without gearbox                                                                      DIN 51 515-2 (TG) with and without gearbox                                                               GE GEK 28568 A, GE GEK 32568 F                    GE GEK 101941 A, GE GEK 107395 A   MIL-PRF-17331 J                                                       SOLAR ES 9-224 (CLASS I/ CLASS II)  SIEMENS TLV 901304  
RENOLIN DTA Excellent turbine oils for oxidation & thermal stability, rust & corrosion protection and demulsifying properties. They can also be used in hydraulic systems and gearboxes requiring mild EP properties. The ISO VG 32, 46, 68 grade are specially developed for steam and gas turbine system meet GEK 32568F.DIN 51524-1 HL                                                   DIN 51517-2 CL                                                      GEK 32568F                                                          BS 489 (CIGRE)                                                GEK 101941 A                                 Siemens/KWU TLV9013/04-01 
Hydraulic Oils 
RENOLIN BAnti-wear hydraulic oils with additives to improve ageing resistance, corrosion and wear protection. Demulsifying. HLP hydraulic oils according to               DIN  51 524-2DIN 51524-2: HLP                                                       ISO 11158-HM                                             Denison HF-1, HF-2, HF-0                       Vickers I 286-S, M 2950-S               Cincinnati Milacron P68, P69, P70             US Steel 126, 127                                           AFNOR NFE 48603                                         AFNOR NFE 48690 ( dry) and NFE 48691 (wet)  
RENOLIN B HVIPremium quality hydraulic oils with a very high viscosity index and low pour point, hence these oils may be considered as multi-grade products.DIN 51 524-3: HVLP                                           ISO 11158: HV                                          Denison HF-0 (including T6C-020)  Sperry vickers M-2950-S/I-286-S3   Cincinnati Milacron P-68/69/70  AFNOR NF E 48-603                                ASLE 64-1 to 64-4 &70-1 to 70-3          CETOP RP91H 
RENOLIN ZAF B Zinc- and ash free hydraulic oils with good oxidation resistance. Combat wear. Demulsifying. Fulfill and surpass HLP Specs according to DIN 51 524-2 and ISO 11158-HM.DIN 51 524-2: HLP                                               ISO 11158-HM                                                          VDMA 24318                                                           SEB 181-222                                               ANFOR E48 603 HM 
RENOLIN MR Multi-purpose, detergent/dispersant lubricating and hydraulic oil with additive to improve oxidation and thermal resistance. Excellent properties of sludge transportation, and performance in boundary friction condition to reduce wear. Typical problem solver.DIN 51 524-2: HLPD                                       ISO 11158-HM 
RENOLIN MR 310, 520Multi-purpose lubricating oils with outstanding viscosity-temperature behavior for bearing, gears and hydraulic systemDIN 51 524-3: HVLPD                                       ISO 11158-HV 
HYDRAULIC 37Anti-wear hydraulic oil according to DIN 51 524-2DIN 51 524-2: HLPD                                        ISO 11158-HM                                                             ISO VG 32 
Gear  and general lubricating oils
RENOLIN UNISYN CLPFully-synthetic, PAO-based gear oil with good ageing stability, very high VI and very low pour point. Excellent protection against micro-pitting ISO 12925-1: CKC, CKD, CKE. Miscible and compatible with mineral oils. Approval by well-known gear manufacturers.Approved by FLENDER                                    DIN 51 517-3: CLP- HC                                       ISO 12925-1: CKC/ CKD/ CKE                      AISE 224                                                         David Brown S1 53. 101                                 FAG-FES-Test stage 1-4 pass                       SKF reguirements pass          C test 
RENOLIN PG Fully-synthetic, polyglycol-based gear oils with the best possible ageing stability and EP properties. Excellent low-temperature behavior, high VI and very low friction  coefficient. Excellent protection against micro-pitting. Exceed the requirements of CLP-PG according to ISO 12925-1: CKC, CKD, CKE, CKT. Not miscible or compatible with mineral oils. Approved by well-known gear manufacturers.DIN 51 517-3: CLP-PG                                     ISO 12925-1: CKC/ CKD/ CKE(CKS)/ CKT  AGMA 9005/E02:EP                             Approved by FLENDER Alpha getriebebau                                                     SEW 
RENOLIN CLP PLUSProven, special mineral oil-based gear oils. Friction- reducing and detergent. Outstanding ageing stability. Good protection against micro-pitting. Extended oil change intervals are possible. Approved by well-known gear manufacturers. ISO 12925-1: CKC, CKDDIN 51 517-3: CLP                                          ISO 12925-1: CKC/ CKD                           AGMA 9005/E02:EP                          Approved by Flender, Bosch Rexroth 
RENOLIN CLP High performance industrial gear oils with outstanding extreme pressure and load carrying capacity. RENOLIN  CLP oils fulfill and surpass the specifications laid down in ISO 12925-1: CKC, CKD. Excellent protection against micro-pitting. Approved by well-known gear manufacturer.DIN 51 517-3: CLP                                                   ISO 12925-1: CKC/ CKD, US Steel 224                          AGMA 9005-D95/E02:EP                           David Brown S1 53. 101                         Approved by: (ISO 100 to ISO 680 )             A. Friedrich Flender AG, Bocholt, Germany                                                          Flender BA 7300, table A                             Muller Weingarten AG, Germany                                                                   DT 55 005, 10/2003 
RENOLIN MORGEAR Special lubricating and gear oils with good demulsifying properties and "light" anti-wear additives. For the lubrication of Morgoil bearing in steel and rolling mills. (meet the requirements of danieli and SMS). DANIELE, Italy 2000; Morgan oil spec., section 2                                                                   SMS Germany 1998; Morgan oil spec., Section 2 
Slideway oils
RENEP 2KRENEP 2K oils are specially intended for the lubrication of slides and ways in machine tools in order to eliminate the phenomenon of stick-slip in operationDIN 51 502: CGLP 
Machine Oils 
RENOLIN AR General lubricating and circulation oilsDIN 51 501: L-AN 
MACHINE OILRecommended where straight mineral oils is required  
Cylinder oils
RENOLIN CHHigh-quality, mineral oil-based steam cylinder oils. Good thermal stability and low cokingDIN 51 510: Z 
Insulation and Transformer Oils
RENOLIN ELTEC TPremium-quality, naphthenic mineral oil-based, un-inhibited insulating oils for transformers, converters and switching gearBS 148/1998 ( Gas absorption not guaranted)                                                          IEC 296 (82) class I and II                                IEC 60296 (3) General specification              ASTM D 3487 Type I 
RENOLIN ELTEC TiPremium-quality, naphthenic mineral oil-based, inhibited insulating oils for transformers, converters and switching gearIEC 296 (82) class IA and IIA                                IEC 60296 (3)                                                        ASTM D 3487 Type II 
RENOLIN EC-SSynthetic oil based on aromatic hydrocarbon (linear alkyl benzene) intended for use as insulating electrical equipment like capacitors and hollow core cableIEC 867 class II. 
Heat Transfer Oils
Special mineral-based oil with excellent thermal stability and high boiling points. Good thermal conductivity. Suitable for used in closed, un-pressurized heat transfer system operating at bulk temperature of up to           C at appropriate flow rate
Compressor and general lubricating oils
RENOLIN UNISYN OLFully-synthetic, EP air compressor oils for piston and screw compressors based on polyalphaolefins with excellent oxidation stability, good wear protection, outstanding demulsification and excellent viscosity-temperature behavior. High viscosity index. excellent air release. Allow service intervals to be extended.DIN 51 506 VDL                                                DIN 51 524: HLP                                                      ISO DP 6521 (project): L-DAH / L -DAG 
Premium quality compressor-cylinder and crankcase lubricant designed specifically for modern reciprocating compressors. For compressor outlet temperature up to 
DIN 51 506 VDL, VCL, CL 
RENOLIN SC Lubricating oils for screw compressor with additives to increase corrosion protection and ageing stability and to reduce deposits.  
Air compressor lubricants for oil-injected sliding vane and screw-type compressor with a compression temperature of up to               . MC synthetic-oil-based,high viscosity index, low foaming. Allow service intervals to be extended.
RENOLIN SE Synthetic compressor lubricant based on advance synthetic ester technology and containing a synergistic  blend of anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant additives to enhance performance. Suitable for use in reciprocating, rotary and screw compressors depend upon viscosity requirements.   
Refrigeration oils
RENISO K SERIESPremium quality high-refined naphthenic and practically wax-free refrigeration and air conditioning compressors working with commonly used refrigerant. Especially suitable for use with ammonia, R-11, R-12 and R-22 refrigerants.  
Pneumatic oils
RENOLIN RDLubricating oils for all types of pneumatically operated equipment such as impact wrenches, rivet hammers, drills and reamers, wood borers, safety saws, diggers and tempers, concrete surfacers, sanders and cleaners, scaling, caulking and chipping tools and air hoist.  
Textile Machinery Oils
RENOLIN TEXSpindle lubricating oil. Good anti-wear and special load-carry properties. Resistant to deposit-foaming.  
Industrial Specialities
DUOTAC FLUIDAdhesive lubricant diluted with solvent, recommended for use in open gear, wire ropes, slides, railroad center plates and for similar applications is steel mills, paper mills and on machine tools. Can be applied at room temperature by spraying, brushing or sippingAGMA EP 251.02 
DUOTAC COMPOUNDBlack, sticky blends of heavy mineral oils and bitumen,  fortified with extreme pressure, water repellent and anti corrosion additives. These compounds have a good adhesive properties that protect metal surfaces from corrosion and rust. Recommended to lubricate slow moving gear, chains and wire ropes.AGMA EP 251.02 
MINERAL SEAL OILNarrow cut, straight run, highly paraffinic distillate, low in aromatic and unsaturated compounds. Odorless. Ideal dielectric fluid for use in electrical discharge machining.  
RENOLIN FORMENOLEMould release agent for concrete and earth ware products  
RENOLIN CFCalibration fluid for diesel engine"s fuel injection system  
RENOPAL WWhite oils suitable for pharmaceutical Cosmetics, and food industries.US FDA 21 CFR 172.878                                         US FDA 21 CFR 178.3620 (a)                                NFS 3H, H1, HX-1                                            Kosher 
RENOLIN LD 10Industrial flushing oil.  
Water-miscible cutting Fluids
ECOCOOL MK-3Water miscible cutting fluid composed of petroleum oil and special emulsifiers and biocides. Mixes readily with hot or cold water. Forms homogeneous and stable emulsions. For general cutting operation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals  
ECOCOOL S-HLFully-synthetic, boron-free, cutting fluid for the machining and grinding of steel and cast iron.  
Neat, chlorine free cutting oils
ECOCUT 600 SERIESDeep hole drilling oils, universally applicable for all deep hole drilling processes using gun, ejector or BTA drills.  
ECOCUT 700 SERIESDeep hole drilling oil for chrome-nickel steels. Recommended for all operations on difficult-to-machine chrome-nickel steels.  
Multifunctional oils
ECOCUT HFN/LE SERIESUniversal cutting oils for nonferrous metal, cast iron and steel. Low-misting and low-evaporation. Can also be used as HLP Hydraulic oils.  
Hardening/ Quenching oils
THERMISOL QB Bright quenching oils. Resistant to salt bath contamination. Suitable for continuous and open quenching lines. Excellent, deep hardening is achieved. Dragged-in dirt and contamination separate-out easily  
THERMISOL QB 30Thermally stable, high performance quenching oil with high flash point and relatively low viscosity, offer rapid cooling and low evaporation losses.  
Forming Lubricants
RENOFORM UBO SERIES, FO, FSB LVO SERIESResidue-free stamping and calibration oils. Volatile at room temperatures. VOC-Free formulations.